Re(2): [SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at
Tue Dec 21 11:41:34 CST 1999

rescue at,Internet writes:
>It's not the size of the network that counts ...its the design ... IMHO
>you should allways overdesign a network. And not go beyond it's
>limitations. Users will be users and they allways need double of what you
>can give them so take this abord as a design requirement. ( if you need
>concurent users plan for 32)..My first network I built was a mess but the
>one I use now is okey for the task...however I' allready planning the
>upgrade from 16 to 32 systems..and I make shure that every component will
>be able to handle the task. 

That makes me feel good, because in our current project we are going to
fully switched 100 with gigabit between closets for our little k-12 school
(~700 students, ~220 computers) that should stay useable for some time
still :-)
Now if I could only get better than a T1 to the internet

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