[SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

paul pries paul.pries at sonera.com
Tue Dec 21 06:45:23 CST 1999

> sadamson at kenan.com wrote:
> } On the other hand, if you load more than 5
> Mbit/s
> } on an ethernet
> } you will definately find it saturated,
> No you won't. Taking TCP as an example, a data packet
> containing 8K of data could get ack'ed by a 20 byte
> packet. Looking at it this way saturation
> appears nearer 9Mbit/s.

True. If you have only two units on the physical

The more workstations you put on the network, the
the saturation point gets. Under normal
conditions, in a
normal office LAN, the saturation point is
somwhere between
5 and 6 Mbit/s.
When you pass 4 to 5 Mbit/s you'll notice an
inrease in collisions,
which causes retransmissions. Guess what happens
then... *grin*

But from a theoretical point of view youre
completely right. :)

> Stuart

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