[SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

paul pries paul.pries at sonera.com
Tue Dec 21 06:06:14 CST 1999

I just can't resist this one....

mvergall at double-barrel.be wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Peter Koch wrote:

> > The bottleneck IS the ethernet!!! 1MByte/sec.!!! No more.
> actually on the sun10 it's 10 MB/Sec.

>From What I know ethernet is 10 Mbit/sec. This
roughly equals
to 1 MByte/sec, which is what Peter wrote.

On the other hand, if you load more than 5 Mbit/s
on an ethernet
you will definately find it saturated, as normal
ethernet is
half duplex...

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