[SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

Peter Koch koch at pz.pirmasens.de
Tue Dec 21 03:28:15 CST 1999


Hey guys! These fucking 33MHz SS10 is way fast enough as ftp server.
What the hell should Michael invest in such stupid things like
ncftpd, ProFTPD, DiskSuite (ok, ok, it IS nice and it is bundled
with the server versions of Solaris), Veritas, hw RAID, SM51,....

The bottleneck IS the ethernet!!! 1MByte/sec.!!! No more.
That means: he doesn't need fast disks (even older SCSI-2 disks
can go 4-5MByte/sec. and the SCSI-bus can drive several of them)
he doesn't need much CPU horsepower (think about that: ftp is
I/O and not computing!!!).

The ftpd of Solaris is not especially good for anonymous ftp.
WU-ftpd is my choice. It is lean and fast and has enough security
features. And it is cheap (free software).

If the connection to the internet is even slower than 10MBit/sec.,
an old Sun3 could do the job! I'm already wondering, why his PC
cannot do the job... maybe he's running the wrong OS???
An old 386/40 with a decent ethernet card (for example 3Com 3c509b)
can saturate the ethernet with ftp... running Linux of course!

Just my $0.02...



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