[SunRescue] fb behavior on SS20

Gregory Leblanc gleblanc at cu-portland.edu
Mon Dec 20 11:31:26 CST 1999

Lyndon Griffin wrote:
> Maybe wrong here, but even if you didn't buy the SX option on the SS20, it
> still came with the framebuffer onboard - you will just be lacking the VSIMM
> for it.  This is rectified by a)  getting a GX or other SBUS FB  or b)  buying
> the VSIMM and installing it?  This is the same topic that I was just asking
> about, so I'm putting together what I see with what I know and what I learned
> here the other day - I reserve the right, at all times, to be incorrect ;)

According the the un-official explanation I got from somebody, the SX
whatever it is (not a frame buffer, that's for sure) build in to the
memory chipset on the SS20.  I have no idea if it is/can be used without
the FB-VSIMM, or with another FB device (like the cg6).  Anybody have a
support contract on an SS20 so that they can ask Sun, or does somebody

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