[SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

ward at zilla.nu ward at zilla.nu
Sat Dec 18 13:48:23 CST 1999

On Sat, Dec 18, 1999 at 12:25:11PM +0100, Michael C. Vergallen wrote:

> I also have a question regarding the sun sparc 10...namely would it be
> powerfull enough for a ftp server. The one I have now is a PC and it is
> getting totaly fucked up. So I want to use my sun 10 uniprocessor that has
> become available.. Its a SM30 cpu with 128MB Ram to me it seems sufficient
> for a ftp server but I would like to make shure. 

I'd upgrade the CPU, but it should be sufficient.   The better FTP daemons (like
ProFTPD and ncftpd) aren't really designed to be low-profile, but for 
functionality.  128MB is fine for a small site, but I'd try to get an SM51 or 
the like.  I'd probably stick with Solaris 2.5.1 for now, too.

How many concurrent users do you expect?

> purchased the Sbus Scsi wide card for it becuase I have a scsi wide disc
> cage with 45 Gb of discs...The PC a P5/150Mhz had a Scsi wide adapted and
> 96MB of ram so qua speed the Sun 10 should be about the same.

Definately invest in DiskSuite and / or Veritas for that cage of disks, unless
the array has hw RAID.  DiskSuite has many limitations, but is cheap (even ships
with our systems), and Veritas has some limitations when it comes to a bootable
disk set, but is overall much nicer, but is expensive.


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