[SunRescue] Sparc 10 cover plates

Keith Low krlow at idirect.com
Sat Dec 18 08:21:46 CST 1999

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I think the Sparc 10 will take it, as I am running a SS1+ with 64M ram, (2)
669M hard drives and a 340M hard drive and it is supporting a 80K hits/month
web site along with a few other web sites, with no great loss of
responsiveness. I would have said "no great loss of speed", but the SS1+ are
not that fast to begin with.

Keith Low
AD Computer Solutions

"Michael C. Vergallen" wrote:

> Hi,
> Dous anyone have 2 cover plates for the sbus slots on the Sparc 10.
> because I just recieved my replacement board for my smp sparc 10 but they
> lost the cover plates for two sbus slots and at my site having open holes
> is inviting poeple to mess with the system.
> I also have a question regarding the sun sparc 10...namely would it be
> powerfull enough for a ftp server. The one I have now is a PC and it is
> getting totaly fucked up. So I want to use my sun 10 uniprocessor that has
> become available.. Its a SM30 cpu with 128MB Ram to me it seems sufficient
> for a ftp server but I would like to make shure. When I have some more $$
> I will probably upgrade the cpu. But now it will have to do as I just
> purchased the Sbus Scsi wide card for it becuase I have a scsi wide disc
> cage with 45 Gb of discs...The PC a P5/150Mhz had a Scsi wide adapted and
> 96MB of ram so qua speed the Sun 10 should be about the same.
> Michael
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