acronyms (Was: [SunRescue] Off topic)

James Lockwood james at
Fri Dec 17 21:16:54 CST 1999

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, BSD Bob wrote:

> The 4/110 is the VME crate, right?  Big brother of the 3/110?

It's the slowest SPARC that was ever made.  Ran at a stunning 14MHz and
had a slow, weird SCSI interface.  Same chassis as the 3/110, different
CPU board.

> I picked up one of those lately.  How fast it is in the scheme of
> 3 or 4 class machines?  I have been debating to compare it with
> the 3/110 box, for fun.  IFF it is not all that much faster, 
> I may let it sit some more.  IFF it is significantly faster,
> it may be fun  to try.

Drop a different board in there if you can.  4/600 would be idea but a
4/300 or 4/400 would work too, and they still have a bit of punch.  The
nice thing about the 3-slot chassis is that it's (relatively) cheap to run
and quiet.


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