[SunRescue] what to save[was a sad,sad...]

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at STEV.net
Fri Dec 17 07:37:45 CST 1999

rescue at sunhelp.org,Internet writes:

> HE doesn't have
>the machine which is WORTH conserving.
>And if firms throw out their old computers, it's best to talk
>with the admins and pick out the GOOD stuf

well, yes, preferably, but when admins don't get to set policy, and are
forced to throw stuff, IMHO ther is a better chance if you say "I'll take
it all" and then sort through it then try to pick it from the dumpsters. 
I know of one University that has an even more deplorable policy, they
take a sledgehammer to all discarded equipment before it goes in the
dumpster, the stated goal being to prevent the student support techs being
flooded with support calls for equipment they just got done throwing out,
and the admins there have no choice. 

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