Re(2): [SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Peter Koch koch at
Fri Dec 17 03:57:54 CST 1999


Tim Hauber wrote:
>Ah! the point of my ravings!
[lots of stuff deleted]

I'd agree with most of your statements, Tim!
But i don't see your conclusion.

>Our job, the techies with a conscience, is to find a productive
>home for as many of these cast-offs as possible, or conversely,
>to fill as many roles with cheap, but totally sufficient,
>computers as possible.

That's an impossible job. IF you stand up and say: "All old
computers to me!" you'll find yourself under a pile of trash
in milliseconds. Let HIM (the average home non-techie) throw
away his old and (for him) obsolete computer. HE doesn't have
the machine which is WORTH conserving.

And if firms throw out their old computers, it's best to talk
with the admins and pick out the GOOD stuff. If you find the
whole truckload is already in the dumpster and try to tear
out something, it is "a sad, sad day" (where our thread started).

Schools and (more important) universities often have seldom,
rare, cute things to throw (give) away. Many of these machines
are worth saving.



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