[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Jonathan Eisch jeisch at boku.net
Thu Dec 16 17:08:15 CST 1999

Tim Hauber wrote:
> I agree there is nothing wrong with the Sun equipment, but it's kind of
> hard to teach Microsoft Office on Win 98 on a Sun.  We can do it quite
> well on our Macs (in fact, a Virtual PC is more stable than a real PC)
What's wrong with StarOffice?  If you have Office 97 now, it's obsolite
because of 2000.  When the kids who graduated last year they may have
started a job, and they may have had to work with office 2000.  There
differences, but because they new the 'concept' they were able to do
what they need to do,  the difference between StarOffice and MS Office
is little more than the difference between MSO '97 and 2000.  As I said,
What wrong with StarOffice?

> There are very few kids that want to learn actual programming, and we
> don't have any actual programming  courses.  This makes the ability to run
> specific versions of software as important as the choice of hardware.
> After using Macs on a network I am going to do my best to avoid supporting
> an NT mess ever.  For server machines, basically, if it isn't a PC (or a
> PS/2) it will probably run all right, now that the Macintoshes have gotten
> past their scalability problems.  But on a network that is used for
> teaching, with big clumps of identical machines, 
That is one problem with many PC networks, is that they tend to use many
differnt types of computers, if you ran a bunch of identical PC's with
decent management software (compareable with the mac stuff) your
problems won't be much worse.

> Macs have to be the
> easiest of all to configure and maintain.
How are 30 powermacs easeier to configure and maintain than 30
SparcStations (and I'm not even mentioning netbooting and file


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