[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Jonathan Eisch jeisch at boku.net
Thu Dec 16 16:51:22 CST 1999

Peter Koch wrote:
> Sure. But it already shows the bad attitude: If i translate it,
> i get:
My school (I'm in highschool in a redneck town that has about three bars
for each computer), just managed to pass a technology referendum, as a
result of that, they installed a big Novel network with win98 as the
only client allowed.

> And that's the mistake! Tell me what's wrong with a SC-1000 and
> a couple of working Sparc SLC??? The kids can learn programming
> on those computers too! They are easier to maintain for the
> admin than PC's (simply: the SLC's are diskless clients of the
> SC-1000 and the SC-1000 is in another room). They would cost
> virtually nothing (Companies and Universities are throwing out
> them today). The kids would see something else than dreadful
> Windooze!
I started preaching this a while ago.  After I first suggested this idea
to an administrator, he considered it for a little while and asked "If
it doesn't run windows, how will I play Solitaire?"  I haven't many
fundimently different responces, until recently, when I mananged to
convince a person high in the ladder of tech-types that I should be put
incharge of the only real computer in the school, a decommissioned Sun
Netra I (SS5 base) that no one ever knew how to run.  As far as I have
been able to find out, I'm the only one who can program in anything
other than BASIC without using a Microsort Visual whatever tool.
> I'll tell you: The teachers have no idea of Sun! They're
> actually behind the kids in Windows! What a boring world!!!
No doubt!

> We can't change this. The world is going on! Let's collect
> and write down our knowledge for later generations.
> The current generation is not interested.
In the mean time, if anyone has any SS5 ram or hard drives (the kind
that work in SS5's or something else in an external enclosure) that they
would like to donate to education, I'd be very happy.  As people don't
understand why they should spend $75 to "double the ram (to 64mb) of the
Netra that runs something called (what did you say?) Apache, when they
could spend that good money to upgrade a PC to run MS personal

Sorry, just had to vent...

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