[SunRescue] the aftermath...

David Rouse drouse at arlington.newsargus.com
Thu Dec 16 16:25:46 CST 1999

> i am now the proud owner of an apple network server 500/132. it was 
> part of the aftermath of the throw-everything-away spree. it's only 
> 32 megs of ram, but it came with a dds-2 dat drive, and a cdrom drive 
> containing the aix/ppc media. i don't have an aaui transciever yet, 

Cool, yeah I've talked myself into keeping my ANS. The things aren't 
that RAM hungry, we had a functional 20 user file server with only 64 

> i got the os installed and the beast is up and running. the case is
> incredibly clean... it looks brand new with the exception of the fact
> that someone broke a fucking key off in the front panel lock/switch 
> is required to boot into single user mode or from cdrom. the plastic 
is all

You can get a whole key assembly (set of keys and two locks) as an Apple 
spare part, but you might want to check the web for companies that do 
used Apple equipt.

I know there is some kind of switching thing going on with the back 
cover, because it won't power up without the power closed. I'll look in 
the manuals and see if says exactly what the back lock does.

By the way, I'm having trouble getting my DDS2 recognized by the system, 
it had been taken out and de-cabled. Can you tell me how the drive is 
wired to the carrier?

David Rouse
Network Manager
Goldsboro News-Argus

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