[SunRescue] PC monitor with Sun Equip

Chris Kozlowski razer at ultra.darkcartel.com
Thu Dec 16 15:25:12 CST 1999

It wouldn't work because most Sun monitors are fixed-frequency and
do not work at 640x480, except for very recent ones.

My GDM-1952b would work at 1024x768 ONLY.  But why bother?  Just
use it with your Suns!


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On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, april levin wrote:

> every ultra 5 we've gotten at work (the desktop model... i'm not
> sure if there were 2 like the u10s, but i digress) came with those stupid
> adapters. they were everywhere for a while because the ultra 5 has a 15pin
> connector on the back and it's sun hardware, but they needed a way for sun
> monitors to still be used.
> so, long story short, they do exist. i have one on the u5 right next to
> me. granted, i've never tried one on an actual PC, but i don't see why it
> wouldn't work...
> .april
> > Gee, I need just the reverse - I'd like to use my 20" Sun monitor on a
> > PC.  Is this doable?
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