[SunRescue] the aftermath...

josh grubman jg at FALSE.NET
Thu Dec 16 15:16:36 CST 1999

i am now the proud owner of an apple network server 500/132. it was free,
part of the aftermath of the throw-everything-away spree. it's only got
32 megs of ram, but it came with a dds-2 dat drive, and a cdrom drive 
containing the aix/ppc media. i don't have an aaui transciever yet, but
i got the os installed and the beast is up and running. the case is
incredibly clean... it looks brand new with the exception of the fact
that someone broke a fucking key off in the front panel lock/switch which
is required to boot into single user mode or from cdrom. the plastic is all
chewed up on account of me turning the switch with a pair of pliers too
many times. the lack of a key also means that i can't open up the back
of the chassis without seriously mutilating the thing. if the locks 
didn't both double as switches, i'd just break 'em off... anyone know
of a source for keys for these things? :P they'll probably use the same
keys as the apple q950. these are "real" keys, but only a few variants
exist. any ideas?

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