Re(2): [SunRescue] a sad, sad day

scohen - Stephen Cohen scohen at
Thu Dec 16 14:08:56 CST 1999

Chris Kizlowski rants:
> Unfortunately in this day of corporate prosperity (at least in the US)
> companies would much rather throw money at hardware to fix things than
> spend time or people, ...

Its not really so much that companies WANT to buy new rather than fix-up the old.  It has more to do with the insidious Arthur Anderson pay incentives to its 'consultants' to sell its new idea of the 90's: DOWNSIZE.  Companies ate it up and began throwing away knowledge, experience, and all of those who had the skills to fix things up.

What is left is a hollow, ignorant shell of executives and staff - and consulting companies like Arthur Anderson and the others provide knowledge for hire (and by the hour).  Of course, those of us who actually know what's going on see the folly of these ways.

The fallout of all this is that the blind are now leading the blind.  At some point, companies will wake up and realize that they need to invest in what they know about themselves and what more they have yet to relearn.

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