[SunRescue] PC monitor with Sun Equip

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at STEV.net
Thu Dec 16 13:49:38 CST 1999

rescue at sunhelp.org,Internet writes:
>Gee, I need just the reverse - I'd like to use my 20" Sun monitor on a
>PC.  Is this doable?

Sun made the adapter to do it, I'm using one backwards on a monitor
without attached cord, it's actually an adapter cable, Female 13w3 to male
HD15, about 8 inches long.  I can look at part# when I get home if you
want to know.  I think Sun probably made it to hook old monitors to the
newer HD15 Sun machines.  You might be able to find someone who would swap
you for a similar quality/size PC style monitor.


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