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Eric Ozrelic erico at bendcable.com
Thu Dec 16 12:17:00 CST 1999

Quote from openbsd hardware reference:

cgfourteen - 8-bit color (24-bit MBus accelerated card, but the driver only
properly emulates a cgthree).

If it only emulates a CG3 then it is no better then a hardware
based CG3 making a TGX superior.

I didn't say a TGX was the best or the only card supported, just
one of the best...

Eric The Red

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Eric Ozrelic wrote:
> It's a CG6 based graphics adapter. It has either 1 or 4 mb
> of video memory onboard. TGX's are actually one of best frame
> buffers that are compatible with non-Sun based operating systems.

You mean the CG14 won't run on *BSD or linux?

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