Re(2): [SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at
Thu Dec 16 12:08:50 CST 1999

rescue at,Internet writes:
>The Mac has a VERY strong rescue force.  I know a number of Mac folks who
>use their old '030 based systems for email, etc.  Many never hit the
>Many older macs are upgradeable to a 60x PPC, if not a G3.

Hey, the king of upgradeability, the Mac Quaddra 610.  I know some that
went with an Apple upgrade (even traded in old parts) to a PMac 6100 MB,
which is now upgradeable to G3 and even G4.  Even you Sun diehards would
like that box, it's a pizza box just a little taller than a SS 2, with
built in Networking, SCSI, Video, and the other basics, built in CD,  nice
little box. 

The funny thing is, in spite of all my ranting, which comes across fanatic
Mac, I never used a Mac until 2 years ago, I'd been a PC guy since, well
since.  I just never cared that much for Win9x, I actually like Win3.1,
but now I use my Mac 90+ percent of the time, and at least half my PC time
is logged on Virtual PC on a Mac, because it's so much easier to fix when
it's broken.

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