[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Peter Koch koch at pz.pirmasens.de
Thu Dec 16 03:57:41 CST 1999


>Let us not also forget that we are in competition with various schools

Um, really???

I think our job is to rescue the machines.
If a school is searching such stuff, they can have everything i saved
from the dumpster. But i found that schools already have this
"suit think" aquired. They buy expensive new PC's and throw away
anything the teachers don't understand. A 5 Year old Sun???
Most have no idea what this is and what it may be worth and how
they can use it in teaching.

The children aren't any better! They already have their PC at home
or get it this x-mas. They have no sense for a Sun, because it
doesn't run Lemmings or almost every other game.

Some students of computer science may be interested in old Suns.
But IMHO this people sit already at the source... the univerities
are now throwing out the SS10 and such and the "suit think"
is not too widespread at universities (thanks god)!

So let us rescue Suns and have fun!


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