[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Jeff Borisch jborisch at cgrg.ohio-state.edu
Wed Dec 15 22:03:06 CST 1999

Shel be sure to look in on the shop early tuesday next week. I saw a 
truck full of 3/xx and sparc?? 
in the back room locked up. they are slated for this week. sadly I will 
be out of town. I think faculty and departments get first crack. 

best of luck,

>Nah, must be a University thing.  They all seem to do it.
>Here, Ohio State U. has a "surplus department" whose specialty seems to be 
>losing computer parts.  They don't know that a, say, DEC 3100 keyboard 
>isn't the same as a PC keyboard (or a Mac keyboard) so when the DEC 
>workstation hits the department, they toss the keyboard in the keyboard 
>box, put the monitor on the monitor shelf, and put the base unit on the 
>computer shelf.
>When they get too many of something, they just take 'em all to the 
>The result is that you can find an HP X-terminal base, but not the special 
>keyboard or monitor for it .... or a Sun type 3 mouse, but no Sun 
>Ghod only knows what sort of obscure bookkeeping nonsense they go through 
>with this stuff.

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