Re(2): [SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Michael C. Vergallen mvergall at
Wed Dec 15 14:19:25 CST 1999

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Tim Hauber wrote:

> rescue at,Internet writes:
> >Yep, but the recycling of computer parts are now being questioned because
> >it happens that all so called recycling is done in 3rd world countries
> >who simply don't have the technology to dispose of the materials safely.
> >Basically what it comes down to is that reuse of computers are better for
> >the environment then the recycling of them.
> >
> >Michael
> I wonder how much gets recycled.  I found out from my local recycler that
> most of his stuff, including complete 690 MPs etc. goes straight to China.
>  Its recyclables, not technology, so it fits under the law.  You think a
> 690 would get scrapped in China?!?
Depends on how many of them are in the batch ... changes are that 75 % of
them get studied and improved upon or simply reused. I could ask someone
because I know some poeple there because I was one of the first to send
Universities some Linux and FreeBSD cdroms. Plus I know some ISP's down
there who I used to do some work for before HongKong went back to chinese 
rule. But I think they reuse them...


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