[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Bjrn Ramqvist brt at osk.sema.se
Wed Dec 15 09:34:40 CST 1999

Michael C. Vergallen wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Bjrn Ramqvist wrote:
> > Geez.
> > Things like this must be the only thing that makes me cry.
> > Why, oh why doesn't everyone see the value of things. Why THROW AWAY
> > things?
> > Heh, give to the poor ones atleast!
> Or to a charity ... their is a charity in the states that takes computer
> equipment and gives them to projects for the poor. I've seen a couple of
> things on TV about that.
> what a waste.

Here in Europe it's even more widespread. Companies often return their
used equipment to the manufacturer, in return they get better prices on
new equipment. That's fine, as long as it stays that way. It's easier to
convince the manufacturers than the owners of the systems.
(manufacturers doesn't see any profit in old hardware, while owners
often do.)

On the other hand, there's this recycling projects everywhere. It seems
so popular, especially for big companies, to "recycle" old computer
parts. This is really bad. Computers that are rare and fully functional
hits the dumpsters, REALLY hard. Nothing goes to waste. Only scrap
They often don't even get any money for the "junk", just a feeling of
"purity" that they had done something good.
(They have to PAY for getting rid of junk)

I know, cause I just missed the opportunity to switch my B/W HP Scanjet
for a much newer COLOR scanner, if I had been a day earlier! Same thing
about all those (30-40) PeeCee's standing there... from 486 to Pentium
Heck, if I knew about it just one or two days earlier, I could have had
a chance to convince the owners. :-|

Things like that happenings in front of my eyes, makes me almost cry.

> Michael

	/Regards, Bjorn

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