[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at STEV.net
Wed Dec 15 08:41:44 CST 1999

rescue at sunhelp.org,Internet writes:
>Just as I'm sitting here, my mind racing from trying to fix a linux kernel
>problem, I'm thinking, maybe we need some sort of a "flyer" that we can
>distribute to buisnesses to let them know about the Sun Rescue Society.  I
>plug this list and sunhelp every chance I get on usenet, but I'll but that
>the guys over at my dad's office, which is a HUGE HUGE sun shop, don't
>anything about this.  Anybody else think we should at least write such a
>thing, and what are opinions on distribution of such a letter? (Spam is
>spam, even for a good cause?)
>	Greg

I'm almost always in favor of unofficial,  My personal opinion, which
doesn't matter, is that the people who really care about keeping old
hardware in circulation will get a reputation as being able to find homes
for the stuff.  I try to drop the word anywhere I am that I can always
find a home for old stuff, whatever it is, even though I sometimes end up
dumpstering stuff because it is useless. (need an IBM PC?)  As soon as an
organization starts to "exist", as in official rules, propaganda,
whatever, it will move from the spare time realm to the full time job
realm, and then will lose flexibility and the freedom of not having books
to keep.

Right now the listers here cover a wide range of contribution, from Mr.
Bill, who seems to donate blood to the cause, to the lurkers who only
occasionally say anything, and we are all comfortable.  IMHO if you feel
the desire to spend the time and effort in your area to acquire hardware
and sell/give/loan it anywhere, then good, but if the "Sun Rescue Society"
were to distribute a letter, the the SRS would also have to have warehouse
space and official distribution guidelines, and a committee to oversee
equitable distribution of donated hardware, as well as satisfy the gov't
regarding any or all regulations they could think to apply.

That said, I am investigating the possibility of starting a non-profit in
NY, so that I can encourage donations by offering tax deductible receipts,
the stated purpose of the organization being to promote the preservation
and use of equipment generally considered obsolete.

Tim Hauber

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