[SunRescue] a sad, sad day

josh grubman jg at FALSE.NET
Tue Dec 14 23:59:29 CST 1999

This evening's rescue was mostly a failure. By the time we got back to the
other building, EVERYTHING had been moved into one huge construction dumpster.
The thing was filled to the top with a combination of industrial remodeling
trash, dismantled Sun and PC chassis, at least 10 sparc 1s and 2s, hundreds of
miscellaneous PC parts and PCI ethernet cards, about 50 generic ATX cases,
some with motherboards, bu and cables. Some of the more unusal finds were a
smashed up Winchester RAID unit, a couple Catalyst 5xxx supervisor engine 1s,
and a few USR Total Control Racks. Almost everything was totally soaked in
rainwater. I wish I had brought my camera... It was seriously depressing. I
honestly wonder how/why this happened without the knowledge of the people who
would've cared to find a home for these goods.

We managed to salvage at least 5 Asus P2B dual PII motherboards in their
boxes with manuals, a bunch of other PII boards, a Dec UDB, a couple ss1s
and ss2's, a bunch of 630 boards, an unopenened 128 meg 72 pin Cisco SIMM,
two 96 port ethernet concentrators (hah!), a Cisco 4xxx dual 10 meg 10bt
module, an 8 port Livingston pm2 serial port module, a Phoenix t1 micro
bert, and a ton of 72 pinn SIMMS from a waterlogged rs6k.

Everything which was worth saving without getting cut up on the various light
fixtures and 2x4 planks which occupied the dumpster was claimed. I kept the 
t1 bert and a dual PII motherboard (one of the nifty Asus ones w/ built in 
ethernet and video). I also kept the the 4xxx ethernet module and the pm2
serial module. If anyone knows the value or has a use for either of these,
please let me know. 

ugh... I cannot believe what happened today.

word has it that there may be an Apple Network Server 700 and a couple
ethernet switches available for rescue soonish. There is NO WAY that I'll
let these find their way into a dumpster....


On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, josh grubman wrote:

> So, I get a call from a coworker today asking me to drive over to our 
> Alexandria datacenter. there are some hired trash-movers throwing away all
> sorts of old hardware. "If you want to keep anything, hurry up!"
> When I pull up, I see two dumpsters full of scrapped ss330s, ss630s, ss470s,
> an rs6k box, and heaps of sparc 1s, sparc2s, next slabs, old monitors, ethernet
> concentrators, and some banged up racks.
> I was able to rescue an ss2, a Dec udb, and t1 test kit in my friend's Civic.
> I get off work at six, and I indend to head back over for some more dumpster
> diving.
> I may very well have a BUNCH of goodies availble for the taking, though I'm
> not sure how much we'll be able to fit into our cars. I'll keep you posted.
> -josh
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