[SunRescue] Stock drives in the SS20?

Lyndon Griffin lgriffin at naviant.com
Tue Dec 14 04:59:41 CST 1999

I've got a 4gb 'cuda in my SS2 - I can't wait to get a big external box to
shove it in, because it feels like I've got a sun in there (no pun
intended).  Wait a second...  Sun - sun...  And we always thought it was
an acronym for Stanford University Network...  nope, it's a marketable
name for an incredible heat-concentrator!  There's a hack for you -
instead of running the oil furnace to heat water for the radiators, just
build a little heat exchanger out of a pizza box - run your water pipe
through it, and you've solved a whole host of problems:
	heat in the box
	heat in the house
	savings on elex/oil
	security (once your machine is part of the building's piping,
nobody will try to steal it)

<:)  Lyndon Griffin
     Systems Engineer
     Naviant (http://www.naviant.com/)

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, James Lockwood wrote:
> The IBM DeskStar drives are exceptional when it comes to low heat
> dissipation.  The Hawk drives were bleeding edge at the time and very fast
> (high end before the 'cuda came out).  The IBM drives are the result of a
> long evolutionary process, they are unremarkable when it comes to size and
> speed for their timeframe.

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