[SunRescue] Anybody interested in a Portmaster IRX?

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon Dec 13 20:36:44 CST 1999

Anybody interested in a Portmaster IRX?  Its a Portmaster terminal server
with one WAN/asynch serial port and one asynch serial port, and ethernet.
Basically you can use it as either a terminal server with two asynch serial
ports, or a router (one of the ports is switchable to v.35).  This is 
BGP-capable as well (if you add enough memory; it uses 30pin SIMMs).

A pic of an identical unit: 

Online description:

Online manual:

If anybody is interested and has something nifty / interesting to 
trade (I could always use a PDP-11, or just anything cool you
might have around, or dumb terminals, etc), let me know.  


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