[SunRescue] boot on sun 4/330

Ludovic BORG Ludovic.BORG at cicrp.jussieu.fr
Mon Dec 13 03:04:51 CST 1999


well i've read all the messages and some faqs triying to understand something 
before writting again, and so : nothing.

Well i was the glad owner of a big sparc 4/330 server, with a 5"1/4 double size 700Mb scsi disk,
8bit memory simm, ethernet lance included, and VME bus and i was not able even to have the post 
diag mode.

So ( this prove how i'm stupid:) but if it can help anyone : 

* This machine only start when a sun keyboard is connected
  to the mini din port on the board.

( shame on me )

If not, reading all the Seriel link, making some strange RS232 Cables won't help ! ( i know what i say :)
well after that i've the post diag mode, and i seem to have a problem of nvram.

( EEPROM adress 0X00000***** Expected 0X0000**** ). 
So I assume that i can boot even with that ( is it right ? )
I've the ">" prompt ( so no probe-scsi feature )
so I use b!sd(,6,2) or b!sd(,30,1) for a CDROM on ID 6.
I've set an external CD ROM with the 512 Sector size and a CD of solaris 5  

The light of the cd rom blinks but nothing happens.
( Probably a bad model of CD ROM , need only a sun one ???? )

Anyone can help me ?
Thanks to all the members of the list !
I hope i'm not so boring :)

L_borg at mail.dotcom.fr

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