[SunRescue] NetBSD 1.4 miniroot problem fixed

Nick Brisebois learath at snowman.net
Sun Dec 12 04:20:02 CST 1999

Speaking of which, I am searching for SE to HVD converters of the
same type.  Does anyone know of a rational source for them?  The
best i've been able to do is around 450$.
At 09:11 PM 12/11/99 -0800, you wrote:
>On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, BSD Bob wrote:
>> Ohh, that might be worth trying out to see if that will cure my 3/260 and
>> 4/260 ills.  The 3/110 is running sunos 3.5 happily, and I dunnotwanna
>> muck with that one, as long as it runs.  The others I will try anything
>> on.....`byte bats' at midnight under the full moon over the moors, etc.
>> (:+}}...
>Ok, I found them.  I've got two Paralan SIR-S8 regenerators:
>These are the narrow SE models that are currently shipping.  Rated for up
>to Ultra SCSI speeds (20MB/sec on a narrow bus).  Maximum bus length is
>doubled (up to 12m for 5MHz SCSI).
>Each unit measures roughly 4.5"x4.5"x1.5" and has 2 D50 (aka "Centronics
>50")  connectors.  There's a seperate power supply unit that plugs into
>120VAC. They're designed as external devices but could easily be mounted
>inside of a large chassis.  There are little LEDs on the side that
>indicate power, bus activity and termination power. 
>They're going for over $200 new, which is silly.  If anyone wants one then
>make me an offer or wave neat equipment in front of me.  Total weight with
>p/s is probably around 2-3lb so shipping is no problem.
>BTW, I believe that Black Box OEM's the board-level product as their
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