[SunRescue] [off topic] Phew, now I'm the happy owner of a Stratus...

Kent Rankin krankin at usit.net
Fri Dec 10 06:34:59 CST 1999

> I just wanted to share the feeling of having a complete,
> working Stratus freshly loaded into my van. :)
> It's a beast. The PSUs are 65 pounds each (x2) and the
> rest of the crate seems to be standard army issue, at least
> from the wheight.
> Anyone out there with experience of these crates? :)
> Paul, who now has a bad back...

	Talk to Richard Shuford, the manager of the wonderful terminal
information archive at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

	He's worked for Stratus for a few years now, and is always kind enough
to share information with everyone.

						Hope it helps,
						Kent Rankin

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