[SunRescue] Anybody need 64mb of Ultra5/10 RAM?

Kurt Huhn kurthuhn at k-huhn.com
Thu Dec 9 21:56:08 CST 1999

I was never so excited as the day my 2 year old asked for Legos for
Christmas.  The next day I trotted down to the toy store and bought every
set I could afford.  My wife is convinced I'm actually buying them for
myself (hmm, could be something there... ;)


>>32mb DIMMs available, and my fiancee has decided she wants a lot of Legos
>>for Christmas... (what can I say, we like regressing to our childhoods..)
>Sorry Bill, but I gave my Legos to my little brother, however, if you've
>got software to hook a Lego Mindstorm to a Sun machine.......
>I've been looking for an excuse to buy a Mindstorm, just to harrass the
>dogs if nothing else. :-)

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