[SunRescue] NetBSD 1.4 miniroot problem fixed

BSD Bob bsdbob at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Wed Dec 8 13:59:13 CST 1999

> On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, BSD Bob wrote:
> > There has gotta be some way to optimize these old crates.
> Actually, I found that adding a SCSI signal amplifier/regenerator right
> after the box makes a major difference.  Instantly, no more problems.
> I think I have a few ParaLAN SCSI regenerators floating around, I'll see
> if I can dig them up.  They really do help.

Ohh, that might be worth trying out to see if that will cure my 3/260 and
4/260 ills.  The 3/110 is running sunos 3.5 happily, and I dunnotwanna
muck with that one, as long as it runs.  The others I will try anything
on.....`byte bats' at midnight under the full moon over the moors, etc.


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