[SunRescue] What older sun can use these parts?

Martin Frost martin at dsres.com
Wed Dec 8 05:45:09 CST 1999

David Rouse wrote:

> [Apple Network Server]

> It sounds like it is an odd enough box that other stuff such as BeOS,
> and MacOS don't have any luck running. I read some of the Linux port
> list archives, and it look like they really only got it to work on a
> very bare-bones setup. Hmm, time to see about some AIX Y2K patches ...

To install Linux, you have to either install onto an external SCSI disk,
or have a working LinuxPPC setup somewhere that you can use to build a
kernel with 53c875 support. Also, the Linux 875 driver has problems with
LVD disks (on any hardware, not just ANS).

To get ethernet working, you have to change one line in the driver.
I can't remember exactly what, but I can look it up.

Any other hardware on PCI cards should work if there's a driver.

The machine has basically the same architecture as a PowerMac 9500,
but with better internal SCSI, and a much smaller ROM which does
not support booting MacOS.


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