[SunRescue] ELC - questions

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at csh.rit.edu
Mon Dec 6 09:20:31 CST 1999

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, P.A.Osborne wrote:

> 2.  Can I try bog standard 4MB 72 pin simms in the thing as those sockets
>     look remarkably familiar.

If they are parity SIMMS, the answer is yes.  The ELC seems to use the same
memory as the IPX (I guess this from looking at memoryx's lists).  Apparently,
the ELC and IPX really only want 33-bits (1 parity bit), but everyone I've
heard from says that normal PC parity SIMMs work fine too.  I'm less clear on
if you can mix and match the two types....

So, if you have them, you can even throw a 16 meg SIMM in there...


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