[SunRescue] NetBSD 1.4 miniroot problem fixed

jwbirdsa at carfallin.picarefy.com jwbirdsa at carfallin.picarefy.com
Sun Dec 5 20:50:01 CST 1999

   I'll take a few timeouts over total failure any day. :)

   My hardware:

	501-1491-08 REV 50 4/2xx CPU (double-width back panel)
		ROM Rev 3.0, S/N 13685
	501-1254-01 REV 51 32M RAM
		Rejumpered as only 16M because of an error in the top
		two or three megs.
	501-1251-01 REV 51 32M RAM
		This one's OK. :)
	501-1217-11 Sun-3 SCSI
	501-1434-06 REV 50 cgnine
		Want to write a driver for this eventually.
	All in a six-slot VME chassis.

   At this point, I'm seriously considering dropping back to a 3/4xx,
especially since this 4/2xx is only about twice as fast as my old 3/60,
which puts it in the same ballpark with the 3/4xx! One nice thing about
a "dead" architecture like the Sun-3's is that you never have to worry
about the port maintainers being distracted by newer machines and forgetting
about support for the old ones. It took me a few days of beating my head,
but I've become fairly proficient at installing NetBSD 1.4 sun3. It's
bigger and slower than SunOS 4.1.1, but it *does* run, even on my little
4M 3/50's, which make adequate DNS servers!
   If OpenBSD doesn't do so well on my 4/2xx, I won't have any choice
but to go to the 3/4xx. Someday when I have the money for a CPU and RAM
for the 4/6xx motherboard I have sitting around, I might give SPARCdom a
second shot, but right now it's on the teetery edge of being more
trouble than it's worth.

   --James B.

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