[SunRescue] NetBSD 1.4 miniroot problem fixed

BSD Bob bsdbob at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Sun Dec 5 19:59:46 CST 1999

> >Someone was mentioning problems with the new NetBSD 1.4 miniroot and I 
> >happened to be looking through the NetBSD sun3 port mailing list archive and
> >I chanced upon the following message.  Hope it helps.
>    Thanks, but I already had to go through *that* process (replacement
> miniroot for Sun-3's) to be here. My problems are with SPARC 1.4. After
> a couple of days of debugging, it looks like nobody ever tried 1.4 with
> anything using a VME SCSI card as the boot device! I've already found one
> missing chunk of code, without which there isn't a hope in hell of it ever
> doing anything but crashing in this configuration, and there may be more.

I had several versions running on a sun4 4/260 crate, although I have not
had the 1.4 or later running on them (I use OpenBSD, instead, and it also
has vme scsi problems with incessant timouts in the si.c code).

IFF we can uncover anything to help things along, and you need some wacking
with a 4/110 or 4/260 crate, do holler.  I really would like to replace
the aging sunos with a *BSD of some kind.  I am not partial to which
flavor, as long as it can be made to work.

What specifically is off?


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