[SunRescue] Bill's dog, Sam

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sat Dec 4 10:27:33 CST 1999

On Sat, Dec 04, 1999 at 06:46:49AM -0800, Taren wrote:
> Bill had to have his dog, Sam, put down yesterday, due to an increasing
> worsening of his condition.
> Bill:  I've come too close to losing one of my own dogs recently, and
> know the kind of pain which a loss can engender.
> My most deep-felt feelings are with you, Bill.  I hope Sam is happy, now,
> wherever he may be.
> Taren

At this point, I'm still just very numb.  I took off work early yesterday
when his condition worsened, and Amy and I talked for about an hour before
deciding to do what was best and not lengethen his suffering (he apparently
was poisoned somehow, and by the end, could hardly walk around and had just
basically given up).  Afterwards, I came home and cried myself to sleep.

Here's some pictures of him in his better days:


Thanks, everyone.  It feels like I've lost a child....


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