Ramji Venkateswaran rv at gxn.net
Sat Dec 4 05:18:11 CST 1999

>>>>> "Lyndon" == Lyndon Griffin <lgriffin at bsd4us.org> writes:
Lyndon> I'm not normally a cheritable person, but in light of the great
Lyndon> benefit that we all receive from SunHELP I think it would be
Lyndon> wonderful if we could all chip in a little to help Bill keep his
Lyndon> machines.  I'm certainly willing to...

I'm in for this. I'm having financial difficulties myself, but I can
probably manage UKP50 as a donation. Bill, what's the best way of getting
the money to you without paying horrendous amounts to the middle-man?

Ramji -- who has appreciated SUNHELP for a long time.

Ramji Venkateswaran		   			   GX Networks 

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