Linux on Sun4 (was "Re: [SunRescue] Re: Sun3")

Lyndon Griffin lgriffin at
Fri Dec 3 21:44:26 CST 1999

Hey, if I can fit them in a suitcase they're small enough.  I rate my current
luggage at one full-size VME board carried safely.  Guess I should
look before I leap, no?  Seeing as how I'm going to be in Stockholm and
south, driving up to you isn't an option, either.  Just as well - there would
still be the problem of getting the boards to Ohio from Philadelphia for the
project (not to mention US Customs, which can be a pain sometimes).

<:)  Lyndon

On Fri, 03 Dec 1999, you wrote:

> Do you consider VME-cards "small stuff" enough? :-)
> Since I live in the northern parts of Sweden, we have almost 500
> kilometers to Stockholm. That would take a whole day just to drive down
> there.
> 	/Regards, Bjorn
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