[SunRescue] 4/260 speed clocking (adjustable?)

apotter at icsa.net apotter at icsa.net
Fri Dec 3 17:22:44 CST 1999

bsdbob at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu said:
> I would like to see some sun4 Linux vme scsi code.   Can you point me
> thereto? 

Ummmm, this was way before anyone even talked about support for VME in linux.  
I believe these were sun 4c and newer machines.

As far as a pointer to code, the important thing to remember is that the spard 
(development) kernel tree is usually out of sync with the main one.   It used 
to be hosted at vger.rutgers.edu.

And Bob, if you're ever out towards Kinston, snag some most excellent `Q at 
Wilbur's for me.....



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