[SunRescue] 4/260 speed clocking (adjustable?)

BSD Bob bsdbob at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Fri Dec 3 15:11:47 CST 1999

> > I have an old 4/260 crate that I am trying to get OpenBSD up on.  It runs
> > SunOS 4.1 fine, but, in loading up Net or OpenBSD, it gets a lot of scsi
> > dma timeout errors.  IFF there is a way to slow the clocking of the machine
> > down,  that might give me a chance to see if it is a timing related issue
> > or something more serious in the code.
> Not a definite answer by far, but a friend of mine has been trying (for a
> little over a week), to get NetBSD 1.4.1 installed on his SPARCstation LX
> and SPARCstation IPC. He gets DMA timeout errors when the NetBSD installer
> gets to the partitioning/slicing step, and encounters them a little
> further on with the IPC. Reproducable every time. There is nothing extra
> in either of these machines, save a CGThree in the IPC. 

What are the returned messages.   That might help me isolate what is
going on.    I have found in the code where the drivers are burping.

> Both are from a floppy install... boots the kernel and gets into the
> mini-root just fine.

I will have to check that out.  I have always had the timeout problems
on vme hardware (sun4) but it always worked fine on sun4c hardware
(SS1 and IPX).

> I recall from the OpenBSD web page that a new version, 2.6? Is being
> released December 5th or 6th... perhaps some bugs are worked out..

Yeah, that is what I am trying to load......(:+\\.....

> Have fun.

Yes indeedy... on the olden suntoyz it is all great fun.


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