[SunRescue] URGENT: SGI Indigo2 FS, CHEAP

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Fri Dec 3 02:16:12 CST 1999

I'm reposting this because I had to put my dog up at the vet tonight, and 
I'm trying to sell as much hardware as I can to pay for the vet bills.  I'm
losing money on this, but I dont care - I've got to get my dog well.

Sorry for the advertisement, but if I cant raise money REAL quick, I'm 
going to have to start selling the most valuable things I own - which 
include the SunHELP servers. 8-(

 - - - 

I've got an SGI Indigo2 workstation for sale:
        200mhz R4400SC (1mb L2 cache) CPU
        128mb RAM (16mb 72pin parity SIMMs)
        2gig IBM SCSI hard drive
        Extreme graphics board set 
        SGI granite keyboard & mouse
        Teal-colored, with teal "feet" for standing system vertically           
        System has a few dings and scratches here and there, but is             
        fully functional (and plastic "skins" can be replaced if desired).      
        IRIX 6.2 installed (and media included if I can find it)                
I bought this system to use on my desk at my last job, but since I"ve           
changed jobs and no longer use IRIX on a day-to-day basis, I have no need       
for this machine.  Its nice, 64-bit, and I'd say roughly equivalent to          
a Sun Ultra 1/200E (with MUCH better graphics, of course).
Picture of a similar system can be seen at 
One note, however - this system got rubbed up
against another at one point in its life, and
the word logo 'Indigo 2' on the front panel is
kinda "smeared" (its just painted on).  I can
attempt to find a replacement front panel, or if
you dont mind the way it looks, leave it as is
(it doesent affect system operability at all,
 its purely cosmetic).                       
Current "market prices" on the web for an identical machine:
        reputable.com:   $900                               
        workstation.net: $950
        mashek.com:      $1100

I was asking $800, now I'm asking $650, plus shipping ($50?) from
Austin, Texas (78758).  Looking for a sale as quick as possible. 


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