[SunRescue] Re: Sun3

jwbirdsa at carfallin.picarefy.com jwbirdsa at carfallin.picarefy.com
Thu Dec 2 20:10:59 CST 1999

>If you want a modern OS that runs well on sun4 hardware then I would
>recommend NetBSD.  It's been stable and production quality for years on
>this hardware.

   Just allow all weekend to install it, unless you're lucky. The 1.4 and
1.4.1 miniroot and prefab kernels are effectively broken. The port-sparc
mailing list theorized that there may be a problem if you have a floppy
controller but no floppy (as in the SLC, the first machine I tried to
boot NetBSD on), but I got the exact same panic while enumerating devices
on a 4/2xx. Maybe the floppy driver is just poisonous.

   1.3.3 works, through, and I'm hoping a minimal 1.3.3 install will
allow me to build a nonbroken 1.4 kernel.


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