[SunRescue] LIST POLICY: Advertising

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Thu Dec 2 17:16:21 CST 1999

About my feelings with regards to equipment vendors/resellers posting
ads to the SunHELP lists:

I prefer that vendors not openly advertise on the SunHELP lists (at least
without asking me first); what I usually like to do is when someone on the list
is looking for hardware, is to refer them to the "Recommended Vendors"
section of the SunHELP web page (www.sunhelp.org).  That way, I know that 
they can deal with a vendor who is reputable, honest, and wont gouge them badly

If you are a Sun VAR/reseller/vendor who would like to be listed on the page 
with everyone else, please let me know, and I can add your listing (basically 
what I need is an email address for sales inquiries, and a web page address).
If you're already listed on www.sunhelp.org and would like more exposure, 
please contact me privately about our banner ad/sponsor program.

I'm not trying to be an ass, I just like to do it this way so that I dont have
unethical vendors spamming the SunHELP lists with advertisements and such all
the time - I like to keep the signal-to-noise ratio pretty high.  

I want the SunHELP lists to be a place that people can come to for reliable 
info and vendor / reseller recommendations.

However, if someone inquires about a product that they need, of course
its perfectly fine to email them privately, "hey I've got that part you're
looking for, $150" or whatever.

Thanks!  Comments about this policy are welcome and encouraged.


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