[SunRescue] Re: Sun3

apotter at icsa.net apotter at icsa.net
Thu Dec 2 08:44:09 CST 1999

> Though I sorta prefer BSD, I'm happy to donate a p4/bwtwo to the cause for the
> cost of shipping.  If you want to road-trip for the 20" monochrome monitor that
> goes along with it, you may have both gratis.  I'm in the Philadelphia area.

In the spirit of Holiday Giving, and of helping the port along <evil grin>, if 
you road trip through central PA on the way to philly, I can chip in a couple 
of x60 (VME) chassis with sun3 mainboards and at least one (presumed) CG3 
framebuffer.  My wife would love to have them off the front porch.


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