[SunRescue] Re: Sun3

Kent Rankin krankin at usit.net
Wed Dec 1 21:36:39 CST 1999

> If it has a female 13W3 mounted on the back, it's either a Philips
> grayscale monitor or an older Sony.  Usually the Philips units have a
> metal connector in only one of the 3 "wells" on the 13W3 connector.  They
> also have the contrast and brightness knobs right behind the bezel on the
> right side.

	Actually, Zenith made a model with the female 13W3, too.  It was the

	I've got a pile of them that I'll sell for $35 each if anyone's
interested.  *PLUG* *PLUG* *PLUG*  :)

							-Kent Rankin

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