Re(2): [SunRescue] Re: Sun3

Tim Hauber Tim_Hauber at
Wed Dec 1 21:31:52 CST 1999

rescue at,Internet writes:
>I have a few Sun4 VME boards I could donate for this purpose if you had a
>chassis and some ram and HDD.
>Sam Creasey wrote:

I have a complete 4/260, sans chassis, that I'd be willing to give up in
exchange for Hard Drives(s) and or sun4c,m  compatible 30 pin RAM.

I'd like to keep the stuff, but I just don't see myself finding time, I
haven't even gotten the 4/690 running yet.

Because of Christmas and a new baby I don't have any $$ to ship it
anywhere, but if you are heading through the Southern Tier of NY for the
Holidays and are interested....

There is  the processor card, 4 RAM cards, I think they are 16M each,  one
of those big CGThree video cards with 5 BNC output, a disk controller, and
the SCSI card that patches through the backplane into the internal SCSI

I'd consider parting with the tape drive, since I have no media anyway.

Oh, and I'm also looking for a mono Mac video card to fit a Mac IIcx,
"just to make the old box work"

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