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Paul Zibaila II pwz at pghfamily.net
Wed Dec 1 12:02:26 CST 1999

Don't want to get in the midle of someone elses story.
But its a tad bit more than adding an entry in a .conf file.
You had to actually remake the the kernal vmunix.
No biggy of course. Till something went awry and the 
ten minute task turned into an interesting all nighter

I get a chuckle where I work from time to time.
We have a bunch of great guys and they all know way more than
I on Solaris and such, but when the get stuck with something
that's not quite right on a couple of the old SunOS 4.1.x system platforms they come ask the "old" man. 
Usually starts out with "I did a boot -r and it still doesn't work".

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On Wed, 01 Dec 1999, Peter Koch wrote:
>Of course you can connect more than one SCSI hard disk to
>a SCSI controller. Seven, if you dare to fiddle with the
>kernel, four with a generic one. And if you have one of

  Aww c'mon...changing a config file is hardly "fiddling with the kernel". ;)

                -Dave McGuire

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