[SunRescue] Monitor for a 3/80

james james at foonly.com
Wed Dec 1 07:27:09 CST 1999

On 1 Dec 1999, Harry Regan wrote:

> I was talking to a friend about what monitors a 3/80 could
> support.  I had used a 3/80 with an (antique) Hitachi 19'
> quite a while back, but my friend gets nothing when he plugs
> in the montior from a Sparc 2 into the 3/80-- the 3/80 works 
> otherwise...  I don't know which framebuffer is installed.
> Are there only certain monitors that work with the 3/80?
> Can you use a color monitor on a B&W framebuffer or a
> B&W moniotr on a color framebuffer?

Unfortunately, this is like saying "my modem doesn't work with my
computer" without giving more specifics.  Since the 3/80 didn't come with
an onboard framebuffer, it could be set up to drive anything from a 1-bit
ECL digital mono monitor to an analog color monitor.  Same with the Sparc
2.  You need to get the model numbers from the monitor and the framebuffer
from the 3/80 to figure out if it will work.

My guess is that the 3/80 has an analog color or mono framebuffer and
you're using an analog color monitor, but the sync frequencies are wrong.
The model numbers are the only way to tell.


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