[SunRescue] Free ELC's and stuff

james james at foonly.com
Wed Dec 1 05:52:32 CST 1999

Ok, the time has come to clean out the garage _again_.

I've got (at last count) 10 ELC's that need to find a home.  Most have
minor screen aberrations such as bright retrace lines or are simply dim.
All work great otherwise and would work as low-end servers.  I can give
information on the minor repairs or tuning needed to bring them back into
spec but I don't have the time to do it all myself.  Most are usable but
you wouldn't want to sit in front of them all day.

The ones with screen problems are _free_.  In fact, I'll throw in a couple
4MB SIMMs (whoopie!) or $5 in cash, your choice.  The only catch is that
you have to be in my area (northern Los Angeles) or pick up.  Other
freebies if you pick up include type-4 keyboards and mice, smaller
(300MB-1GB) old SCSI drives, a partially working GDM-20D10, and maybe some
nice IBM 5081/19 monitors (19-20" trinitron, sync on green).  None of this
is worthwhile for me to ship so please don't ask.

For good ones in nice shape I'm asking $35.  Yes, that means if you take 7
out of tune ones you can get a good one for free.

Have some freebie Sparc 1's as well, and some decent analog grayscale (not
ECL monochrome) monitors.  The rare Zenith models that can do
1280x1024x76Hz, actually.  They're pretty nice and normally I'd want a
couple of bucks but I'd probably throw one in for free if someone took a
bunch of ELC's. 

I've also got a bunch of memory, enough to put 64MB in several of them.
This RAM was also specced for the IPX, and if you're lucky it may work in
the Classic/LX (it's 70ns 33-bit).

Got some IBM 6091/19's as well.  They work great on Suns, 19-20"
trinitron, up to 1280x1024, do sync on green, composite or seperate sync
(so they work on PC's in high resolution modes).  Most need some tuning,
asking $60/ea obo.

Totally unrelated: does anyone know of a source for male/male 13W3 cables
with a right angle bend at one end?  It would be nice to get this
GDM-1962B closer to the wall than half a foot.

-James "I'll club a seal to make a better deal" Lockwood

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